About DEVIne Film Productions

DEVIne Film Productions is a film production company based in Namibia, headed by renowned filmmakers, Desiree Kahikopo-Meifrett and Vickson Hangula and re-nowned businessman Dr. Jerry Mameja.

We are an Audio-Visual production company with interests in Film and Television production, Film and Television facilitation and Arts Skills Training programs, which continually seeks to build partnerships with fellow filmmakers, venture capitalists, Private Equity Investors, and even Corporate Entities.

With this initiative, we endeavor to develop a Slate of High-Quality feature films and Television productions of Market Value that have Cross-Border potential. We either own the Rights to these film projects or will Option for the Rights.

The long-term objective is to have DEVIne Film Productions become a powerhouse in Film & TV production in Namibia and Africa. We will also have forged strategic partnerships with both peer companies and mentors all over the world.

Our Mission Statement

Mission Statement 

To create quality and commercially viable content for domestic and global markets. 


To be the quintessential content creator through film and television in Africa. 

Core Values

Integrity, Authenticity, collaboration, Reliability, Innovation and Quality.

Our Creative Services

Developing content, Screenwriting, Directing, Producing, Script development, and Film and Television Facilitation. 


Project Name: Fiesta en la Madriguera

DEVIne Film Productions in 2023 facilitated a Netflix original film titled "Fiesta en la Madriguera" that was partly filmed in Katima Mulilo, Namibia.The project is a Woo Films project from Mexico.

Meet The Team

Desiree Meiffret

Desiree is an award winning producer/director from Namibia. She is based both in Namibia and USA, but predominantly works in Namibia. Desiree's participation in the Namibian film and theatre industry spans over 12 years as a performer, actress, creative director as well as playwright. She produced, wrote and directed a theatre play titled' A Lifetime of Blues' that won best set design at the Namibian Film and Theatre Awards 2014. 

She has worked on countless film sets including 'Fish Out of Water' as a Line Producer by the well-known Namibian filmmaker Vickson Hangula. Desiree’s debut film titled 'The White Line' that is set to be released in 2020 has won Best newcomer director for Desiree and best film script and the Audience choice award at the Namibia Theatre and Film 2019 and went on to win Best cinematographer and Best Feature Film at the 7th African Emerging Filmmakers Award 2019 in Durban. The film Won the Kilimanjaro Best Feature film award at the Africlap film festival in Toulouse France 2020. She was nominated for an AMAA for Best film in a foreign language and Best first feature film by a director. Desiree Kahikopo-Meiffret is an alumna of Talents Durban 2018. 

Vickson Hangula

Vickson is a Film Independent Fellow.

Namibian born Vickson Hangula has been in the film industry for over 20 years now. His first notable film is the International Award winning surprise hit film, “Kauna’s Way ” , which he wrote and directed. This Winner of the year 2000 M-Net All Africa Film Awards in the category, Best Film Shot on Video has helped establish Vickson Hangula as one of the best known filmmakers in Namibia.

Vickson Hangula has written, produced and directed well over 15 creative works, which include feature & short films, TV movies, Documentaries and Commercials. The feature films, “Fish Out of Water” (2017), and the Comedy Feature, “Zula Boys” (2021) are recent works written, produced and directed by this filmmaker and actor .

Among the accolades over the past 23 years, Mr. Hangula also did the screenplay adaptation of Namibian Founding President Sam Nujoma’s Autobiography, “Where Others Wavered” , which today is titled, Namibia: The Struggle for Liberation. This multiple award winning film is Directed by Charles Burnett and stars Carl Lumbly, Danny Glover, Obed Emvula and Chrisjan Appolus 

Dr. Jerry Mameja 
Executive Producer

Jerry is a renowned entrepreneur having founded multiple companies. One of them is OTESA Civil Engineering, a local company that focuses on road and highway construction, rehabilitation, upgrading, operations and maintenance, and railway infrastructure. Under Jerry’s stewardship, OTESA Civil Engineering has undertaken many notable projects and become one of Namibia's leading civil contractors. The company has become the fastest-growing company in Namibia in procurement and construction and has spread its wings across Namibia in a relatively short space of time. Jerry also owns OTESA Energy Projects, a company devoted to renewable and sustainable energy. Becoming the first company to be awarded a license under the Single Buyer Model Framework (MSB) of the Namibian government and the first company to be on the grid under the MSB, OTESA Energy Projects is fast becoming the leader in the renewable energy space and a key contributor to the decarbonization of the globe.

He is now bringing this vast experience in business, professional consultancy, and academia to film production and creative writing. Partnering with one of the most noteworthy and leading film producers in Namibia, Vickson Hangula, he was the Executive Producer of “Zula Boyz”, a local comedy feature film that premiered in Namibia.The result of this partnership is the creation of DEVIne Film Production, a company that wants to distinguish itself from the rest by making sure it creates a slate of high-value feature films and television productions. Together with another renowned filmmaker, Desiree Kahikopo Meiffret, DEVIne is sure to become the company of choice, not only for creating and producing its own films but for hosting national and international filmmakers and production companies. Jerry’s experience in business and institutional strengthening, DEVIne is surely poised to become a brand of choice. Under Jerry’s stewardship, DEVIne Film Production is fast becoming a unique, distinctive, and powerhouse in Film Making and TV Production in Namibia.

Projects in Development

Once Upon A Time in a War Zone
Historical Drama

A desolate nurse’s life takes an unexpected turn and her loyalty to her fellow countrymen is put to the test ,  when she finds herself with no choice but to secretly help a young wounded enemy soldier amids Namibia’s fight liberation. This event causes her to go against societal approval of helping an enemy as slowly her secret because the whisper around the fires in the village. As a nurse, Nangula has passionatley vowed to do her part in the fight for liberation by secretly assisting SWAPO’s guerilla fighters with their medical needs.  A guerilla fighter named Kakulumbwati fiercely searches for the enemy soldier to make a statement out of him, he will kill anybody who he deems is a traitor to the country.

Nangula's act of humanity becomes personal as she grows more compassionate towards the young enemy soldier and begins to reminisce on an old dream, her unlived dream of being a mother, the one thing the war stole from her. As their bond grows, the tension outside intensifies as both sides look for the wounded soldier, making it difficult for her to let go of Private Theron. At home, her mother Mukwaudimbe accuses her of being selfish and willingly choosing to bring conflict in the village and into their home by not giving up the young soldier. Nangula learns that her neighbours has been taken into questioning and tortured by the SADF army. Nangula soon realizes her choice is putting more people’s lives at risk and has to make a choice that she is not ready for.

Omapando "Shackles"
Coming of Age Historical Drama

Lena Saal, a European-born research assistant ignorant of her Nama heritage, arrives in Namibia with a team of archeologists. After the Namibian government expropriated territory from German absentee landowners, the Namibian government sells this land to an international mining conglomerate, which the government itself part-owns.

The German landowners protest, unwilling to relinquish the land their ancestors called home since 1907. As does the Herero community, which claims this land was stolen from their ancestors during Germany’s brutal genocide of the Herero and Nama between 1904 and 1908. Lena’s studies reveal the story of a Herero woman named Ningire, a resistance fighter who braves unspeakable horrors in hopes of creating a future for her people whose presence has become a nightmare and whose past is a fantasy.


Love Is...
Romantic Comedy 

Jason, an American magazine feature writer, finds a second chance at love when he runs into his Namibian ex-girlfriend Josephine during a special valentines cross-country trip, he quickly learns that the second time is twice as hard.

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